Police Chief to Keep Job Despite Adult Star Wife

Steve Javors
SNYDER, Okla. — Residents of a small Oklahoma town were unsuccessful in calling for the resignation of Police Chief Tod Ozmun because they don’t approve of his wife’s occupation. Doris Ozmun is known for her work as a plus sized adult performer on the Internet.

Snyder Mayor Dale Moore said he was faced with a tough decision and ultimately decided to keep Ozmun because it was best for the town’s safety.

“This came to light because some of the people in town went onto the Internet to download pictures of her and started passing them out around the citizens here in town,” Moore told KOCO-TV Oklahoma City. “We will take no action on Chief Ozmun. He was not involved in [porn], and he has broken no laws. He’s done more drug arrests, solved more crimes than anybody else in town has ever done.”

Still, some residents wanted the town to fire Ozmun despite his record as a law enforcement officer.

“When our kids come home from school telling us that the chief’s wife is a porno queen, how do you answer that?” town resident Jim Norton asked KOCO.

Doris Ozman released a statement to the media today in her defense.

“Hi, my name is Doris Ozmun. I am a 43-year-old adult model. I am in no way affiliated with the Snyder Police Dept. other than the fact I am married to the chief of police, Tod Ozmun. The website I am featured on is in no way affiliated with the Snyder Police Department nor the city of Snyder.

“I have done nothing illegal, and it is my 1st Amendment right of the Constitution. You do not have to like or agree with what I do for me to be protected by the 1st Amendment right,” she said.