SmartSex App Billed As a 'Sex Advisor' for College Students

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Pando Health Resources has launched the SmartSex app for college students that may have slept through sex-ed the first time around.

Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for those eighteen and older, the app, billed as “Your Confidential Sex Advisor” addresses issues way beyond the ABC’s (reproduction, contraception, etc.), to cover dimensions of pleasure and curiosity.

The app features five tabs: Games, Info, Polls, News and About the App. One reviewer hailing from Concordia University lauded the app for providing information that's “not exclusively common sense advice.”

But what qualifies as “interesting” to a 19-year-old college freshman navigating sex for the first time? According to the same reviewer, articles that supersede anatomical jargon and concentrate on sexuality — like sensual ways of undressing.

While the app doesn’t offer a social networking element, it connects users through its weekly poll. Owners of the app can choose to answer a personal question poised every week, and receive results that include other respondents.

The three trivia games  listed under the games tab, All About Sex, Sex Myth and Sex Health, all employ the iPhone shake option '' which requires the players to shake the phone to reveal new questions.

The app is now available on the iTunes app store for $.99.