PHS International Introduces 3 New Silicone Nipple Sucker Styles

PHOENIX  PHS International has expanded its lineup of popular nipple suckers in response to a recent surge in sales.

Now featuring three new designs constructed of skin-safe silicone and featuring stylish design elements, PHS offers adult retailers a wide variety of nipple suckers.

These three new SKUs are modern updates of the classic round head style and feature multiple size options for seasoned sucker users.

Made of 100 percent silicone, PHS nipple suckers are the highest quality alternative to basic rubber options and offer a stronger, sturdier sensation and a tighter feel. New Diamond Plate nipple suckers feature a contemporary flat-top design with an industrial-inspired diamond plate texture for a harder edge suited for both first-time and skilled users.

This option is available in black, red, and clear and in small or medium sizes to accommodate any user’s natural shape. The new Bully Ring is the company’s cutting-edge nipple sucker and features an extra-deep design for experienced players in need of a larger option better suited for their size.

The Bully Ring features a metal ball-closure ring to emulate the look of a pierced nipple and can be used for playful tugging or hanging light weights for more advanced play.

“The nipple is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the human body and our sales numbers prove that men and women around the world have officially caught on to the joy of nipple suction,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Nipple suckers boost blood flow to the area and dramatically increase sensitivity and our designs feel as good on the body as they look against the skin.”

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