Intersec Interactive Adds $20 to Model Rate for Sex Scenes to Defray Testing Costs

OAKLAND, Calif.  Intersec Interactive announced that it would be adding $20 to its model rates to help offset the cost of testing for shoots.

“Some models already have a test that was paid for by their agent, or another company,” said Matt Williams, the company’s CEO. “But others get tested specifically for a shoot. We want to encourage people to keep getting tested, and now that we have moved to 14-day tests, we wanted to help the models defray the costs.”

STI testing through PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services), the industry’s trade organization that oversees testing, can cost between $150 and $200 per test, depending on the facility.

That means, if a performer is working consistently, they’re spending $300-$400 a month on testing.

“In most mainstream commercial businesses, the costs of safety are passed down to the consumer and paid for by businesses,” Williams said. “But for some reason in porn we have put the responsibility on the performers. If every company added $20 for testing to their rates, over the course of a month, a model could recoup their losses.”

The company said it was inspired to add this after two industry-wide moratoriums shut down most shooting for part of August and September.

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