London Dry Gin Commemorates Paul Raymond

Lila Gray

LONDON — A London Dry Gin has been launched as a tribute to U.K. porn entrepreneur Paul Raymond, aptly called The King of Soho.

The Raymond-inspired gin is flavored with juniper berries, coriander seeds, cassia bark and grapefruit and has an ABV rating of 42 percent. Howard Raymond, Paul Raymond's son and owner of West End Drinks, created the spirit.

The younger Raymond says his father's favorite "tipple" in the 60s was gin, "a drink reminiscent of the parties and clubs of that era."

"Gin, particularly London gin, is extremely popular at the moment and it was essential that we created a design not only in the true spirit of both Paul and Soho, but also one which has real shelf stand-out," said Tim Holmes, associate creative director for 1HQ, the global branding agency that designed the gin’s turquoise packaging.  

Paul Raymond opened the U.K.'s first strip club in 1958 and launched a range of erotic magazines under the Paul Raymond Publications publishing business. The adult mogul was dubbed King of Soho after investing his fortune in real estate, purchasing numerous properties in London's Soho neighborhood.

The Dry London Gin is being distributed by Hi-Spirits.