Stiletto Metal Works Unleashes 13-Inch Heel

LOS ANGELES  Stiletto Metal Works has unveiled its first 13-inch heel. 

The company said these handcrafted metal and leather couture masterpieces are fabricated one at a time, and no two pairs are exactly alike.

"One would wonder how it would even be possible to stand up on such things, let alone take them out for a night on the town," the company said. "The secret is in the way they hold onto the wearers upper shin. As it turns out they are actually quite stable and easy to walk in. Most people take around 10 minutes to get used to walking on a 13 inch heel."

Shoes built by Stiletto Metal Works have memory foam padding at the bottom and are covered with stretched deerskin.

The heels retail for$2,000-6,000 and they can take up to six weeks to build.