Tiffany Starr Guests on Live From the Monastery of Mayhem

LOS ANGELES — TS Performer Tiffany Starr will be the guest Monday, Oct. 7 at 12 p.m. on Live from the Monastery of Mayhem.  

Fans can call in and ask questions or comment by calling (619) 924-0871.  

Host Les Raub will discuss a wide range of horror topics and more. 

Starr has been nominated for a NightMoves award for TS Performer of the Year. 

"I can't wait to talk to Les Raub and chat about some of my favorite horror films and killers,” she said. “As a big video gamer I like being able for fans to see all parts of my life inside and outside porn." 

Her official site is

The page to view and listen is here.