U.K.'s Bathmate Holds Training Seminars for Stag Shop, Landco

John Sanford

UNITED KINGDOM — Tim Brown, the brand manager at Bathmate, recently traveled to Toronto and Montreal to train Stag Shop and Landco employees on how to sell the Bathmate family of products.

Bathmate indicated that approximately 100 adult Industry store employees attended the events.

"It was a great opportunity to present Bathmate to the people who really count," Brown remarked. "Without the support of the store employees, our products will not sell as well as they should.

Michel Dell Aniello, general manager of Landco, remarked, “Tim’s presentations were awesome and very funny. All the comments I have received have been very positive and I know it’s going to be a big hit in the stores.”

Brown also unveiled the planned in-store designs which will be rolled out in the U.S. and Canada in the next couple of weeks.

“To be successful in brick-and-mortar we have to stand out from the competition," Brown said. "We have employed industry professionals to design our in-store presence and we will be launching the new displays into Europe soon. The displays feature touch samples as well as an built-in video screens displaying the products and a user guide."

For more information on in-store displays and Bathmate training, email tim@umproducts.com.