Video: XBIZ EU 'Sex & Censorship' Rally

Lila Gray

LONDON — Video footage of the complete Sex & Censorship town hall rally held Monday at XBIZ EU’s annual London convention is now available on YouTube.

Sex & Censorship is a new U.K. group, spearheaded by free speech advocate Jerry Barnett, that is attempting to find ways to keep the Internet uncensored in the country.

The meeting coincided with XBIZ EU and drew an impressive crowd at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel in central London. The session was open to XBIZ EU attendees, as well as the general public.

The clip, spanning over one hour, features U.K. obscenity attorney Myles Jackman, stripper and activist Edie Lamort, porn star Karina Currie and adult producer and designer Ben Yates, as well as video messages from Barnett and founder Peter Acworth,  who provide numerous reasons and anecdotal evidence why the U.K. should dump Prime Minister David Cameron’s porn opt-in plan and lobby ATVOD for a more reasonable plan that wouldn’t punish adult distributors in the country, as well as operators of foreign porn sites, for delivery of content. The Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke hosted the meeting.

Some of the rally’s talking points included a background to U.K. censorship laws and the filter plans and identification of opposition groups attacking sexual freedoms. It also discussed the rise in moral panic and the need to counter it and next-step ideas.

Barnett, who couldn’t attend the meeting, told attendees through a video message that the U.K. has the strongest censorship laws in the world and that the country has spiraled enforcement upward in the past 30 years.

“We are facing a counter sexual revolution; we are facing puritanism,” Lamort said in her plea to the adult biz to counteract the threat of Internet censorship hovering over the U.K.