Tenga Launches 1st Couples-Use Line, VI-BO

Lila Gray

TOKYO — Male novelty manufacturer Tenga has announced the launch of its first couples-compatible line, VI-BO, comprised of a series of intimacy products with a “vibrating orb” core.

The collection features small, colorful products created by combining an inner vibrating orb with different stretchy VI-BO covers to be used in intimate situations for two or more.

“Unlike most bedroom toys of the past that have existed solely for one person to use on another, the VI-BO items are a ‘love support item’ that provide an opportunity for couples to share a deepened communication,” the Tenga sales team said.

Five variations of the VI-BO have been developed: Finger Orb, to be worn on a single finger to make the user’s touch “more stimulating”; Ring Orb, a cock ring with an attachment for clitoral stimulation; Hand Orb, to be worn between the thumb and pinky finger across the palm for a stimulating touch that frees key fingers to move; Twin Orb, with a flexible body and two vibrating ends; and the Stick Orb, that features a long attachment with two internal vibrators.

The covers are made from a new type of elastomer that Tenga says provides a unique skin sensation and makes cover removal easier for cleaning and battery changing. Cover colors are bright and eye-catching and include orange, pink, purple, yellow and blue variations. All VI-BO products are waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower for underwater play.

Tenga is a leading manufacturer of male pleasure products, best known for its masturbation sleeves.