Wicked Pictures Sponsors NightMoves Awards

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Wicked Pictures is an official sponsor of the 21st Annual NightMoves Awards. 

The show takes place Oct. 10-13 in Tampa and will be attended by Wicked contract actress, writer and filmmaker Stormy Daniels. 

Wicked Pictures' directors, performers and productions recently received 15 NightMoves nominations, with nearly a third going to Daniels. 

Her work in front of the camera was recognized in the Best Female Performer category, while her skill as a filmmaker earned a Best Director (Non-Parody) nomination. 

Specific Best Feature nominations went to her hit comedy “Divorcees” and the supernaturally-themed Wicked Passions romance “Immortal Love.” 

Wicked will be sponsoring the opening night of the annual Caravan of Stars. 

"We are extremely happy to have Wicked Pictures sponsoring the opening night of our annual Caravan of Stars,” said Paul Allen, publisher and founder of NightMoves. 

"Wicked Pictures is one of the top and most respected film companies in our industry and we couldn't be more thrilled to showcase all they have created at Thee Doll House, one of the top gentlemen's clubs in Tampa Bay. We are honored to have contract star and director Stormy Daniels join us at NightMoves once again." 

Event organizers said, “The NightMoves Awards are an offshoot of NightMoves magazine, owned and operated by Paul and Tracy Allen. The NightMoves Awards were the first to allow fans to select the winners, making it the original fan based awards.”

For more information, visit Wicked.com.