SexuallyBroken Releases Fantasy Feature

OAKLAND, Calif. Intersec Studio’s bondage and rough sex site released a new feature this week.

“The Unit” stars busty MILF and BDSM performer Darling as a wealthy woman who hires the Unit to fulfill her fantasy.

“This is really one of the best features we’ve ever done,” said Matt Williams, director of both this feature and “I’ve worked with Darling for around 10 years now, so I knew she would be able to pull off this physically challenging role.” 

The feature also stars Hazel Hypnotic, Jack Hammer and PD, who is also the owner of Intersec Interactive, SexuallyBroken’s parent company.

“The hardest part about this film was building our quicksand pit," Williams said. "It took a few days of digging and mixing things together to get it just right. But it came out perfect and just the way we wanted it to look. You definitely will not see other companies creating a 10x10 quicksand pit for a 6-minute scene in their movies. But we go above and beyond for these features. We actually had two former military personnel on set advising us on terminology and the authenticity of our uniforms.”

The feature will be released in two parts. The first part was released on Monday, Sept. 16. The second will be released on Monday Sept. 23.

The trailer can be viewed here.

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