GunzBlazing Launches Video Banner Tool

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — GunzBlazing, a leader in gay affiliate marketing, has launched a Video Banner Tool for its affiliate network that enables webmasters to create customized video banners targeted to their traffic and sales needs.

In making the announcement, Robyn Way, president of GunzBlazing, said, “This is an important day here at GunzBlazing as we unveil our latest innovation in affiliate marketing and sales tools. Our new Video Banner Tool is the latest in a long line of simple, easy-to-use promotional tools that we have developed to assist our affiliate partners to target traffic and maximize sales. It sets us apart from other programs and is in direct response to the expressed needs of our affiliates.”

Way continued, “The new video banner tool is cutting edge stuff and lets webmasters choose their favorite sales text and their favorite videos and combine them in their very own video banners. Produced in standard 300 x 250 and 16 0x 600 formats, all of GunzBlazing’s video banner files have been entered into a database to be loaded into any flash banners, giving webmasters more control over their messaging. Combined with the simple selection widgets it’s easier than ever to generate videos that will catch even the most jaded surfer’s eye.”

When asked to explain details of the new tool, Way replied, “We have a bunch of 'shell' flash banners that will load in the mp4 video files. When the webmaster chooses a video from the list, it generates a code that tells the banner to load that particular video file into it. It’s a simple process of selecting the site you want to promote, choosing the normal modifiers like PPS or revshare, choosing the video from a list with preview thumbnail and then choosing the tagline you want to use for sales text and then pressing “submit”. The webmaster then puts this code on his site.”

The announcement follows closely on the heels of other announcements, including the most recent that Cazzo and Wurst Film will be launching new sites as part GunzBlazing this fall.

With more than a decade of experience and leadership in gay affiliate marketing, GunzBlazing has established a reputation for unique marketing programs, specialized content and a solid reputation for payouts and attention to its affiliate partners.

For more information about GunzBlazing contact Matt Vonegidy, affiliate manager: or visit