Gear Essentials Reveals New Glans Rings

MINNEAPOLIS — Gear Essentials has unveiled a brand-new range of contemporary-styled fine jewelry for men that enhance the look and sensitivity around the head of the penis. Glans Rings (also known as head rings) are designed for all-day and all-night wear, and fit perfectly beneath the corona of the penis.

Boasting an elegantly simple aesthetic, Gear Essentials’ Glans Rings weigh down the head of the penis for a longer flaccid penis for a better presentation in his pants. When worn with a cock ring, the Glans Ring engorges the head of the penis and results in a more powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of his penis.

“Gear Essentials is committed to bringing the best quality and style to our discerning clientele,” says Dwight Phillips, Founder of Gear Essentials. “The all-new Glans Rings are sleek, sexy and offer men a new way to explore sexual stimulation – and so far, the response has been overwhelming.”

Available in medical-grade plastic, light-weight solid aluminum and solid stainless steel, which mat the aesthetic of the manufacturer’s cock rings, Glans Rings are also available in 4 sizes to suit the preferences of every man. Each ring features a squared interior rim to prevent the ring from slipping, and with styles in a variety of widths, Glans Rings can be stacked or coordinated with Gear Essentials cock rings. Each ring is handcrafted and machined in Minnesota, USA to the highest specifications.

“Glans Rings have been road-tested to perfect the ultimate erotic experience for men,” Phillips continues. “One tester reported that wearing it while walking around felt like he was getting a ‘little hand job!’ Overall, the general consensus among men is that Glans Rings are not only stylish and an aesthetic enhancement for the penis, but they improve sex overall.”

Customers now have the ability to post reviews on, where the response to Glans Rings has been nothing short of amazing. Actual customers who have purchased Glans Rings report improvements in performance and visual appeal, while praising the versatility of the rings. Gear Essentials premiered the Glans Rings at the most recent May International Mister Leather convention in Chicago that was held in May.

Amongst a who’s who crowd within the leather community, the Glans Rings were received with praise and proved to be a huge hit at the event. To view the entire range of Glans Rings, visit