PornTeam to Re-Release 'Occupy Ball Street'

SAN FRANCISCO  PornTeam is set to re-release the Alternadudes title "Occupy Ball Street" to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Alternadudes producer, Koloff, said, “We literally took our guys up to the protest and just started filming. We got our guys going in and out of porta-potties, walking around between the tents and even convinced a couple of the protesters to let us use their tent for in and out exterior shots. It was raining cats and dogs and our guys were getting soaked.

“Word got around the encampment that we were up to something and a small crowd started to gather asking questions I didn't want to hear and probably wasn't prepared to answer. Things were getting a bit tense. We wrapped things quicker than I would have liked and got the hell out to avoid any further confrontation.”

"Occupy Ball Street" includes scenes of shaggy protesters and rocker dudes fucking in tents along with storylines that include a young Colonel Sanders type corrupt lawyer (Josh Bensan) taking advantage of the situation, and a tent thief (Thrasher) getting plowed by a hung police officer (Cliff Jensen).

“We know it's not Academy-Award winning material. We never pretended it was,” Koloff said. “But it's funny and sexy and campy (pun intended) all at the same time. We always wanted it to reach a wider audience and our first distributor never really did much with it to take advantage of the title at the time of all the current events. It was baffling to me. PornTeam will be able to release it to the audience that never got to see it when it was relevant to the time.”

PornTeam President/CEO Christopher Kren decided to re-release the title.

“Here we have a hot movie that lots of people never got to see,” he said. “The current events it parodies have pretty much passed but it's not like it's a spoof of Keating in the savings and loan scandal or Ollie North in the Iran/Contra hearings. It's still fresh in peoples' minds and the Occupy movement still exists in a sort of lesser form. No matter what you believed during the events that unfolded, you'll be able to appreciate the humor and the hot sex that goes on in the movie.”

"Occupy Ball Street" is set to be re-released on Sept. 17.

Retailers and independent distributors can contact Michael Greig at PornTeam at (888) 999-2450 or direct at (707) 664-9398.