Good Vibrations' Carol Queen Launches New Weekly Column

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — A new weekly column from Good Vibrations staff sexologist Dr. Carol Queen has debuted.

Called “Sexy Sex Newsy News,” the column offers fun, sexological insight on current events from the latest "research" to pop culture phenomena.

Queen, whose Good Vibrations career spans 23 years as Education Dept. director, historian, Antique Vibrator Museum curator, and staff sexologist, said she cheerfully sums up a week's worth of sex news with a wink and a side of sociology in her new undertaking.

A regular presenter at conferences, workshops, colleges, universities, trade shows, and community-based organizations, Queen is also a published author. Her books and writings on sex, gender, and cultural sexology are referenced at colleges across the country, according to the company.

Queen is also regularly booked to weigh in with an expert opinion from cable TV, indie documentaries, and news shows alike. She is also the founding co-director of the Center for Sex & Culture, a non-profit sex education and arts center in San Francisco, and in addition to her column in the Good Vibes' online magazine, she contributes to the Boston Dig.

"I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Carol for years and amidst the din of a sea of personalities in this digital age, we are proud to showcase a distinct voice and a sex positive cultural insight that is sorely needed," Jackie Strano, Good Vibrations’ executive vice president, said.

Queen brings her degrees in sexology and sociology to offer her take on topical and perennial cultural issues (gender, shame, access to accurate sex education, etc.) in her new column. From James Franco's sexy roast, the “Fifty Shades” phenom, to more sobering topics such as rape culture in the news, Queen will offer a thought provoking perspective on media literacy.

The sexologist also has a weekly blog that can be found here.