Alexis Texas Hosts Strip Sports Betting Tonight

LOS ANGELES  Alexis Texas will be hosting tonight's edition of Strip Sports Betting as the Houston Texans play the San Diego Chargers.

Joining her will be Nikki Delano. Kick off is at 7:15 p.m. PST.

The girls will be placing bets on the next play, with the loser taking off an item of clothing.

Viewers can make bets with the girls by using the BetOnline interface at

“We were extremely impressed with the number of unique viewers we had for the first two games,” said Chris Neismeth, director of marketing. “Siri, Jacky Joy, Valerie White and Kodi Gamble were definitely crowd pleasers, with the fans hoping they would lose bets and take off their clothes. Alexis Texas could bring in the most viewers yet and we’re excited to see those numbers.”

The second NFL game in this week’s line-up will be the San Francisco 49ers playing the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Hosting the game will be adult newcomer Ashden Welles, Tegan Mohr and swimsuit model Dorothy, who has appeared on Playboy Radio and TV.

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