Sovereign Syre Wraps ‘Girls in Heat’

VENICE, Calif.  Sovereign Syre has wrapped her second directorial effort, "Girls in Heat" for Filly Films

A former adult performer has come out of retirement to join the cast. Violet Ray, who has been on hiatus for three years, is back doing girl/girl scenes.

“Violet's presence in my second directorial effort is definitely going to make this project very special,” Syre said. “Violet's striking eyes and unique look have always captured my attention. Unfortunately she left adult at the same time I came in and so I never had a chance to work with her. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to finally work with her with me in the director's chair. It was a happy reminder of how far I've come in the two short years I've been in the industry. I hope to work with her many more times in the future and to continue to make movies casting the types of performers I like to see front and center in the spotlight. I'm so grateful to Filly Films for continuing to give me these opportunities.”

Violet is also enthusiastic about her return to adult movies.

“I'm so excited to start shooting again," Ray said. "I've missed it and can't wait to work with some great people. There's so many new girls I want to get my hands on.”

New titles featuring Syre include "Dani Loves Girls," out this week. 

“I think we'd follow each other anywhere sexually,” she said. "Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3" is now available as well. Nice Noelle wrote the series around Syre.

The movie also features Sophia Jade, Jelena Jensen and Magdelene St. Michaels.

“I'm honored to have had my own series as a g/g performer,” Syre said.

“Nica Noelle has become an industry unto herself and nearly defines the genre of girl/girl at this point. I'm proud to have been a part of this project and I'm told it is the best-selling installment of the series so far.”