Kayla-Jane Danger Offers Fans Customized Videos

LAS VEGAS Kayla-Jane Danger is offering fans custom-made videos.

Some of the specialties/genres available are striptease, domination, bondage, foot fetish, spandex, latex and shoes.

Also available are female solos and lesbian erotica but no videos or scenes with male nudity will be produced.

“The custom videos are a way to make my fans’ fantasies a reality,” she said. “When you buy a DVD online or in a store, rarely is it exactly what you want — that’s what makes my custom videos so unique. Some of the requests are simple and others are intricate. And if we can’t make your video, we will give you a refund of your deposit.”

Danger works with various adult and fetish models.

To purchase a custom video, click here.

There is a $50 deposit and consumers can send a simple script or a detailed description of the scene they would like and their budget.

Custom videos start at $150 and go up from there — the price depends on available models and performers, the type of scene, wardrobe, accessories and toys.

Once the scene is approved, the consumer pays the balance in full.

When the production is completed, a link will be emailed to the consumer.