Heeldo Reports Foot Harness Video Has Gone Viral

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J.  Heeldo has reported that the YouTube video featuring its foot harness has gone viral, receiving more than 6.7 million views.

The creators of Heeldo appeared on the "Dave and Chuck The Freak" morning radio show on 89X FM in spring of 2012. The audio from the phone call was added to YouTube with a slideshow of product photos of the Heeldo harness.

The audio featured in the video was recorded during the first of two appearances on the morning radio show.

“It’s pretty unreal,” said Joe Wilson, director of marketing and co-founder of Heeldo.

“We always wanted a viral video and now we finally have one. It’s nice to know that regardless of what other marketing initiatives we are working on, our Heeldo video is being seen on average over 50,000 times per day on YouTube, so it’s always working for us."

In the last year, more than 50 percent of views came from the YouTube watch page with 45 percent coming from mobile. Male viewers account for 73 percent attributing to 3.6 million total minutes watched, the company said.

“This gives us some important demographic data and shows that a mobile presence is absolutely necessary,” Wilson said.

The company said that user posts and uploads to sites like Reddit, LiveLeak and mentions by entertainment personalities on Twitter have led to growing popularity for Heeldo online.

“We have some huge marketing campaigns hitting towards the end of the year," Wilson said. "We will be making a very exciting announcement next month that will include major national coverage of Heeldo."

The YouTube video is here.