FSC-PASS Issues Statement Clarifying Misinformation

Rhett Pardon

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – The Free Speech Coalition has issued the following statement:

It is the policy of the Free Speech Coalition to not address the myriad of rumors, innuendo and outright misinformation that is circulated in the blogosphere about the industry in general and the Free Speech Coalition specifically. To engage with every self-appointed social media pundit would be unproductive. There are appropriate venues for substantive discussions and scrutiny.

The exception to this policy occurs only when to ignore a specific piece of misinformation can lead to consequences that that threaten the well-being of the industry at large or a specific individual.

The purpose of this statement is to address one such example that occurred last week:

It was “reported” by a blogger that Dr. Peter Miao from Cutting Edge Testing had discussed the personal medical data of a patient known as Cameron Bay, and that this discussion had taken place with John Stagliano.

Dr. Miao has contacted Free Speech to categorically deny that he shared the patient’s records or had ever discussed the patient’s medical information with Mr. Stagliano. Further, Mr. Stagliano has confirmed to the Free Speech Coalition that he had not spoken directly to Dr. Miao about this patient, or received any medical records from the doctor.

 The potential harm to Dr. Miao’s reputation and the role of Cutting Edge Testing as a provider to the FSC-PASS system warrants this corrective statement.