Miles Long Shoots Layouts for Mainstream Magazines

LAS VEGAS — After nearly a decade as a performer, directer and producer, Miles Long is expanding his portfolio to include shooting layouts for mainstream magazines such as Stack and Got Curves.

"I've really enjoyed stretching myself with my photography," Miles said. “And it's really been flattering to see how well received my photos have been in the mainstream market. I wanted to make a point to branch out into that market two years ago so I started out with billboard ad campaigns, but I thought to myself why not try to do mainstream magazines as well. 

“It was so nice to see that I can shoot both mainstream and adult at the same time and that editors really appreciate what my eye catches in that magic moment. I want to make a point to thank all of the people who really encouraged me to shoot photos, including my good friends Laurent Sky and Chris Streams. They are some of the best photographers in the business and I really appreciate them blazing the trail." 

Long will be a judge this Sunday at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas for this year’s awards for Best Pole Tricks, Best Stage Presence and Hottest Outfit. 

Other judges include Las Vegas Review Journal editor Doug Elfman and club VIP Brian Manchester. 

"When the Palomino Club began planning this event, we wanted to have our panel of judges really represent a broad spectrum of experience," said Andrew Smith, Palomino’s marketing manager. 

"So it was natural for us to have a journalist, as well as a club VIP, but we really wanted to have an adult industry professional as well. I thought to myself who better than an award-winning director and photographer to round out the panel. We reached out to Miles Long, as he has been doing a lot of photography and hosting here in Las Vegas and most recently shot photos of our club and dancers for an upcoming advertising campaign." 

Miles also shot layouts for Cheri magazine, High Society magazine and U.K. magazine Ravers DVD. 

Miles' last release, “Angelic Asses,” starring box cover girl Remy LaCroix, has just wrapped production for Devil's Film. 

The title streets this month. 

To visit the Palomino Club online, click here.