Falcon Announces Upcoming 2-Part Film 'Bucks County'

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios has announced the impending Sept. 16 release of its two-part feature film “Bucks County.”

Directed by Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond, “Bucks County 1 – Into the Wild” and “Bucks County 2 – Road to Temptation” take the viewer on a trip down the rural back roads of America, far from the big city. 

“Bucks County” is rich with Americana imagery, charged with youthful energy and filled with peace and quiet that is only disrupted by the erotic shenanigans of the twelve men that inhabit the fantasy realm. 

The cast, led by Falcon exclusives Ryan Rose and Donnie Dean, also features Liam Magnuson, Connor Kline, Woody Fox, Jack King, Connor Maguire, Lance Luciano, Vance Crawford, Jason Goodman, Joey Cooper and Kip Johnson.

Falcon describes the film: “These are young, all-American guys, who deeply care about one another and their tight-knit community. Athletic and virile, they work hard, but they know how to let go and have fun by sharing intimate and intense moments with each other. Their spontaneous, care-free sexual attitude is a testament to their simple-life surroundings and their need for release. This rural innocence and lusty desire fosters their fiery camaraderie, creating a brotherhood of sexually liberated studs who wile away the days frolicking naked in the sun and exchanging pleasures.”

The studio has produced a complimentary, digital photo book, also entitled “Bucks County,” featuring images captured by Grabby Still Photographer of the Year Kent Taylor and Edward Scott.

"This is one of the finest Falcon Studios projects ever," said Chris Ward, Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios president. "I’m so pleased to give the fans a sneak preview of the project with the digital photo book. The images taken by Edward Scott and Kent Taylor belong in galleries. They captured exceptional photos that truly represent the Americana essence that Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond brought to erotic life in video.”

A XXX, hard copy version of the book will be available as a numbered collector’s edition, signed by the photographers, when the movie is released for pre-order next month by Falcon.

The official street date of the “Bucks County” two-part film is Sept. 16, when it will be available exclusively on Falcon, Raging Stallion, GayDVD and TLAgay online stores.