Intimate Organics Introduces 'Green' Toy Cleaner

Bob Johnson

ONTARIO, Canada — Intimate Organics has launched “Green,” a new tea tree oil foaming cleaner with natural ingredients for both toys and the body.

The cleaner is infused with tea tree oil, lavender oil, and the company’s trademarked natural anti-bacterial ingredient Guava Bark.

“We introduced a proto-type at the ANME show and the enthusiasm for this unique toy cleaner was overwhelming,” Rebecca Powley, director of new business development, said.

She added, “We knew it was a really cool twist on an old store staple, but we had no idea that people were going to be so excited about it. We wanted to offer a foaming toy cleaner that had a natural anti-bacterial agent in it, which is Triclosan free and alcohol free, making it as gentle as possible on every type of toy material, as well as the human skin.”

When asked why Triclosan isn’t used in Intimate Organics products, Powley said, “Studies have shown that Triclosan alters hormone regulation. Triclosan safety is currently under review by the FDA and Health Canada.  Manufacturers need to take more thought and responsibility when formulating new products.”

“Only the best is good enough for a woman's body. Therefore, our products use the best materials to ensure optimal hygiene. Green fits perfectly in our philosophy," Rianne Swierstra, maker of the Rianne-S line said. "It not only provided a clean toy, but it's also the most natural ingredient of any toy cleaner currently on the market. It is the toy cleaner that we are going to recommend for the Rianne-S line. What more can a woman and all her toys wish for?"

The product comes in a 3.4oz/100ml (TSA travel size) as well as a 6.3oz/200ml size and is available from all major distributors in North America.

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