Prince Yahshua Details Reasons for 2nd Penis Surgery

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Prince Yahshua told XBIZ he needs to undergo his second penis surgery in three years due to damaged scar tissue and two ruptured arteries.

“I go in Friday for my last consultation with the doctor and then I’ll choose the day, probably right after the [Labor Day] holiday,” Yahshua said Tuesday, noting his recovery would take up to a month.

In a freak on-set accident in August 2010, Yahshua suffered a “broken penis,” or torn urethra while doing reverse cowgirl with Bethany Benz on a West Coast Productions shoot. He underwent emergency surgery to repair what at the time appeared to be a career-ending injury.

But remarkably, Yahshua returned to performing in porn scenes in October of 2010 and eventually regained his elite form en route to capturing the XBIZ Comeback Performer of the Year Award in January 2012.

“People need to understand that the first surgery I got was just to repair me from the devastating injury I had at that point. This surgery will completely cure me. This surgery will take care of it all,” Yahshua said. “Thank you Jesus. He gave me the ability to come back and be this strong for three years. I actually won more awards on a broke dick than I did when my dick was fine.”

The three-time Urban X Male Performer of the Year realized something wasn't right when he could not perform at the high-energy level for which he is known during his past three sex scenes.

“I became...I guess they would call it a regular performer,” Yahshua said. “Somebody showed up that day, but it wasn’t Prince.”

The first time it happened Yahshua, a nine-year veteran from Chicago with more than 500 movie credits, thought he may just be having “a bad day.”

“Like everybody says, sooner or later everybody will have a bad day. Guess it’s my turn to have one. I didn’t give it much thought at all,” Yahshua recalled. “The next time it happened again, it got a little harder to get through.”

Then just two days before the industry-wide moratorium on shooting was announced on Aug. 21, Yahshua was on set for Reality Kings and director Greg Lansky.

“Greg gave me two beautiful girls, Valentina Nappi and Mischa Brooks, two beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous girls,” Yahshua said. “I wanted to do the greatest scene on the planet, that’s what my big head was thinking. But my little head had different plans.”

The performer continued, “I think it was halfway through the scene, I called Greg to the side and I said, ‘Dude...’ He said, ‘Are you sick? Is there something wrong?’ I said, ‘No, I feel fine. I never want to give excuses. But I don’t feel like I’m giving you what you need. You can keep my check for this.’”

Yahshua said Lansky didn’t even consider withholding his pay. “He put his hand on my shoulder and he said, ‘Prince, you’re one of the greatest performers and I’ve shot you 101 times. If this one time your performance isn’t what you think it should be, I think can accept that. You’re getting a check.’ I gained so much respect for him for that, more than what I already had.”

Yahshua finished the scene, crediting Brooks for going out of her way to “take over the scene” and help him finish.

“All my love goes out to Mischa Brooks. We’ve done incredible scenes together. For her to get that out of me... she was relentless in helping me get through it,” he said. “When we were downstairs taking showers after, I gave her a big hug. She recognized what was happening and helped me through it.”

Then Yahshua received a phone call from his doctor, whom he had contacted before shooting, while he still was on the set. He immediately left and went straight to visit his doctor, the same one who had conducted his surgery in 2010.

The doctor recognized Yahshua’s problem almost immediately when he noticed an unusual swelling on his dick, and he took an X-ray, the performer said. Then the following day Yahshua’s doctor told him that he would need surgery again, because not only had damaged scar tissue formed inside his penis, two ruptured arteries had also been bleeding internally which was causing the swelling.

“He put it to me like this: ‘If you’re driving in your car and run over a piece of glass or a nail, your tire has a slow leak. That’s what is happening with your penis,’” Yahshua explained. “The blood was squirting out of the veins into my dick because it had no place to go.”

After his doctor broke the news that he needed another procedure, Yahshua didn’t realize how serious it really was. He had actually planned to go back to doing scenes again.

"My doctor said, ‘Prince, I don’t think you understand. You can’t work on this dick any longer. If you do, you won’t have a dick.’

“I asked him, ‘OK, when do I need to do this, three or four months from now?’ He said, ‘No, you need it now.’ That’s when everything just hit the fan.”

Yahshua said he had grown accustomed to overcoming the discomfort that he sometimes feels after a hard-charging performance, and sometimes during one.

“I am the poster child of pleasure and pain,” he said. “When that injury happened in the beginning, it was soft tissue damage. I take vitamin E and certain other vitamins to subside it. I have so much love and passion for my job that sometimes when I’m screaming with the girl, it’s not just because it’s a fun time, it’s also because my shit hurts as well.”

The performer said he plans to return to full-time work after his surgery.

“The bottom line is this is who I am right now. I love it and I’m not going anywhere until I’m ready to,” Yahshua said.

Yahshua’s agency, OC Modeling, on Monday announced it had set up a fundraising page to help him with his medical expenses.

“I’m still speechless that they would think enough of me to do this,” Yahshua said, thanking OC’s Sandra McCarthy and others for their support.