Munkey Barz Launches Affiliate Program

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Munkey Barz has tapped “Acid Cash Dave” for the launch of its affiliate program.

"I’m happy to be a part of the Munkey Barz team and the movement,” Acid Cash Dave said “We are committed, and look forward to provide you with the best affiliate support in the industry."

According to the company, Dave brings many years of experience in running an affiliate program.

“For the past four years Dave decided to take on other projects outside of adult, but once he saw Munkey Barz he knew this was the right opportunity to get back into the adult industry,” the company said. “Munkey Barz in initially launched its affiliate program four months ago and is already about to reach the 1 million view benchmark just on PornHub alone, while actively seeking all tube sites and other affiliates.”

Munkey Barz originally teamed up with to start shooting content and now has more than 10 studios shooting with the MunkeyBarz sex belt. The company said it is seeking others as they ramp up production of Munkey Barz content.

The affiliate program can be found at With eight distributors testing the product, Munkey Barz says it has taken the lead on pushing its own marketing efforts by launching regional street promo team in the U.S., European and the Caribbean.

"We have worked very hard over the last 15 months to get positioned for success,” Munkey Barz CEO Mike Beadle said. “Now with the newest and best technology in place, we welcome Dave to the team. We are very excited about what he brings to the table with his vast amount of technical knowledge and experience with successful affiliate programs.

“Our street teams are covering a lot of ground and the public awareness and excitement is growing fast as we have seen a recent boost in online sales. We have a upgraded belt coming soon as well as a fun new ‘lifestyle’ clothing line with a twist that you’re going to love, but the biggest surprise of all is almost ready — it looks like 2014 will be our year!"