RealTimeBondage Presents 'Double Blind Study'

LOS ANGELES  Intersec Interactive presents “Double Blind Study,” a three-part feature presentation on

The feature stars Elise Graves and Dixon Mason and was directed by Cyd Black. "Double Blind Study" depicts a real 24-hour BDSM experience that was broadcast live on the site July 12 and 13.

“We don’t do this sort of thing with just any model,” Black said. “We have shot extensively with both Elise and Dixon and they both work for the company full time behind the scenes. We’re all part of the same theater troupe. We trust and know each other; something that is necessary for this kind of experience. To be truthful, they asked to do this.”

The shoot took place at the company’s farm in the Catskill mountains of Upstate New York and features scenes both indoors in the barn and outdoors. The crew consisted of six people working around the clock, including PD, Hazel Hypnotic and Jack Hammer.

“It was probably the most challenging thing I’ve done just due to the duration,” Mason said. “But it was an incredible experience. One that could not have been created anywhere else by any other crew.”

“After being in a cramped cage for more than four hours, the heartfelt begging to be released is an experience I will not soon forget," Graves said. "I loved the depleted nature of my will at that moment.”

Real Time Bondage is a BDSM website that features live shows with extreme BDSM practices once a month. Usual shows are three to four hours in length with resident performers. The company sometimes goes deeper into experimental practices, such as extended live feeds.

These extended shows are reminiscent of the 24-48-hour live shows of the BDSM website Insex, the precursor to Intersec’s current sites.

To watch the first installment of “Double Blind Study” click here.

The second installment will go up on Saturday, Aug. 31 and the third will go up on Sept. 14.

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