Sophia Locke's Cam Girl Mansion Seeks Corporate Sponsorship

LOS ANGELES Sophia Locke will be seeking corporate sponsorship for her next event in January in Las Vegas.

Locke's Cam Girl Mansion is a week-long event where up to 21 female cam models live and work together.

There are two events each year  one during the summer and one in January. During these events, fans are often treated to girl/girl shows. Live shows can include up to all of the models in attendance at a time.

The January events also host an after party, which is open to a limited number of fans and industry professionals.

"We're definitely not a studio environment," Locke said. "We want the attending models to use the opportunity to make a large amount of revenue, if that is their motivation. And we never take a percentage of their earnings. Rather, we are seeking partnerships to help bring in revenue to the event in other ways."

But the event itself isn't just about money for the attendees.

"Many cam models that attend have never even met one of their peers face-to-face," she said. "Often, they will work at home and will keep their line of work from their friends and family. The mansion provides a chance for models to form bonds of friendship that could last a lifetime."

Locke is now seeking to form a lasting corporate partnership to launch the mansion event into the next level.

Interested potential sponsors can contact