Tanya Tate Featured in New Documentary

LOS ANGELES — Tanya Tate is featured in "Date My Porn Star," an upcoming documentary to be broadcast across the U.K. on Britain's channel 4. 

Tate will provide viewers with a glimpse into a day in the life of a prolific porn performer. One fan will be chosen to visit Tate on the set of a Filly Films movie. The fan will also get an opportunity to take Tate on a date.

“Meeting fans is an essential part of a successful career as a performer,” she said. “When I found out the premise of this documentary, I was very thrilled with the notion. I began my adult career in the U.K. and it was the support of my early fans that gave me the confidence to come to Los Angeles to pursue that career. I am certain the show will turn out brilliant and people who tune in across the U.K. are going to be wildly entertained.”
More information on channel 4’s presentation of the documentary can be found here.

Earlier this year, Tate was featured in another documentary called "Aroused."

In the film, she discusses her journey into adult entertainment and the decisions that guided her career from Liverpool to Los Angeles.

"Aroused" is currently available from retailers or viewing on demand via Amazon and Netflix.
For more information on Tate, visit TanyaTate.com.