‘Wetlands’ Author Charlotte Roche Endorses pjur

Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur was gifted to attendees of a “Wetlands” premiere in Berlin, where Charlotte Roche — the author of the eponymous novel —lauded pjur’s products.

The film version of “Wetlands” premiered in Berlin on Tuesday evening. Stars and actors were on hand in force, as more than 1000 viewers were treated to the “scandalous film about a heroine who is as vulnerable as she is hedonistic.”

At the premiere, every guest received a small box containing three pjur products: the new pjur Cool with light, cooling menthol, the new pjur espresso with stimulating caffeine, and the top selling pjur Original.

“pjur is a really fantastic company. I just love their products,” Roche said. She had already written in her novel back in 2008 that “pjur is the best lubricant, because it is odorless and does not soak in.”