Calif. Legislator Vows to Push Mandatory-Condom Bill Forward

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES  — Assemblyman Isadore Hall, the Compton, Calif., legislator who earlier this year authored a statewide bill to make condoms mandatory for porn shoots that ended up in the so-called "suspense file," says that he plans on pushing the stalled proposal forward.

Hall made the announcement over Assembly Bill 332 just hours prior to today's news that another performer has tested HIV-positive.

The Democratic legislator said he's making an accelerated push for the bill because of Friday's federal court ruling that decided mandatory condom policy can be imposed on Los Angeles County porn shoots under Measure B.

With the decision, U.S. District Judge George Pregerson denied the porn industry’s assertion that requiring adult film performers to wear condoms is unconstitutional.

"With only a few weeks left of the legislative session, I am committed to working with legislative leaders and the governor to move forward with legislation that will protect adult film workers throughout California,” Hall said.

Hall noted that the adult film industry is an important part of Los Angeles’ and California’s economy but that, given the type of work required, disproportionately exposes actors to a range of health and safety risks.

"The industry has been largely self-regulated and has done an inadequate job of protecting its employees from disease infection," he said. "Pregerson's ruling correctly affirms that while actors are free to express themselves, adult film producers cannot put porn profits above worker safety.

“When it comes down to it, adult film actors are employees, like any other employee for any other business in the state. A minimum level of safety in the workplace should not have to be negotiated. We have an obligation to ensure that all workers, regardless of the type of work, are protected from workplace hazards and injury."

Hall's proposal, denounced by adult entertainment trade group Free Speech Coalition and a majority of the industry, would mandate barrier protection for adult productions shot statewide.