AEBN's RealTouch Sells More Than 30,000 Units

Lila Gray

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — How much is cutting-edge interactive Internet sex worth? According to AEBN, it’s only $199, plus shipping and handling — the cost of their new device RealTouch, that opens the door to the future of cyber sex.

RealTouch may look like a bulky masturbator, but its functions are quite complex. The device’s technology synchronizes the “movements, warmth and wetness” you feel with action that unfolds on DVDs compatible with the product. The device is available in straight and gay formats.  

Jerry Anders, AEBN’s vice president, told XBIZ that sales of the device have soared well over 30,000.

But sales “really blew up” once RealTouch Interactive was released 17 months ago, he said.

RealTouch Interactive allows users to set up a “date” with a live model, who has control of the RealTouch’s companion device, the JoyStick. When the model touches the JoyStick, its sensory interface relays the “location, tenderness and direction” of her touch directly to the recipient’s RealTouch in “lifelike resolution” up to 40 times a second.

The model, or presumably any person controlling the JoyStick, can use their hand, mouth or genitals to stimulate their partner remotely. The device even includes a time-released lube reservoir that ejects moisture strategically to simulate female arousal and orgasm.   

“It’s been successful because we continue to add features and functionality,” Anders said. “It’s a game-changer in the adult marketplace. There is simply no other site that allows you to feel what the performer is doing.”

Anders added that the latest news pertaining to RealTouch is the addition of bigger-name stars to the Interactive site, who will be announced soon. The site's current featured model is adult starlet Joslyn James.

Mainstream gaming companies have approached AEBN to discuss the possibility of integrating RealTouch into sexual virtual reality games — a genre that has been growing steadily in recent months. Anders said that partnerships may be forthcoming, but it “takes time for them to implement something of this type into their games.”

AEBN is a leading adult video-on-demand network, housing brands like NakedSword, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, Girl Candy Films and their newest addition, Align Broadcasting.