Kheper Games Rolls Out New Romance Line Items

Bob Johnson

SEATTLE — Kheper Games, Inc has announced the release of three new games in its romance line.

The rollout includes “We’ve Never,” “A Year of Kama Sutra,” and “To Do Me List.”

“We’ve Never" is a couple’s version of popular drinking game, “I’ve Never,” where a couple celebrates unique things they have done together in their relationship with a toast of their favorite beverages. For things they have not tried, they then decide together if they will and place “But We Will” cards into an envelope for later use. Some of the action also require that the couple go back to the retailer where they bought the game to buy handcuffs, a sex toy, bondage gear, etc.

Kheper said this game becomes a great up sell tool for retailers. Cards, rules and game box descriptions are in both Spanish and English.

“A Year of Kama Sutra” is a collection of 26 "For Her" and 26 "For Him" Kama Sutra sex tips. A couple trades off each week to select a lovemaking position or foreplay technique from the check-formatted sex tips.

Each Kama Sutra paper voucher shows a graphic or diagram to represent what the couple is to do and a few sentence text descriptions. The game allows individuals to be in charge and easily communicate with what they want from each other in the bedroom.

Rounding out the new offerings is “To Do Me List,”a humorous notepad that lovers can use to tantalize each other into doing romantic gestures or intimate foreplay with a selected sex position as the reward. Players simply fill out what the other player is to do in order to get to “do” him or her.

For more information on the games, email