Playboy, Coty Launch New Line of 'Super' Fragrances, Body Care Products

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Playboy is continuing its branding strategy with a new line of fragrance and body care products from Coty with a nod to the recent superhero craze.

A global “Super Playboy’ media blitz includes social media, amusing TV spots and online videos.

Targeting both men and women, the packaging sports a bunny head and pink bow for women, and squared-off botll and blue liquid set against a skyline for men.

One of the campaign's commercial spots features "Super Playboy" hero actors with “extraordinary [seductive] powers,” including X-ray vision that goes awry.

Another segment stars a couple embracing who are then suddenly transported to an island getaway. The tagline is “Press to Play,” that synchs with the spritzer on the fragrance bottle or the arrow on the YouTube video.

The launch also includes an interactive website and Facebook page video, replete with phallic Empire State Building that lets viewers become superheroes.

This isn’t the first deal between Playboy and Coty.  Playboy’s Theresa Hennessey told Marketing Daily that the companies partnered in 2008, and then introduced the “Play It Lovely,” “Play It Sexy” and “Play It Spicy” fragrance line for women in 2010.

Other products in the new line include a scented 2-in-1 bodywash/shampoo and deodorant.