Treasure Island Media Releases 'Bad Seed'

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media has released "Bad Seed."

"Bad Seed" is the first full collaboration between T.I.M. founder Paul Morris and his protege, Pony Hunter.

"As many of you know, Pony Hunter is the young man I'm training to make porn," Morris said. "He's an avid oversexed, edgy sexual predator who is the closest I've ever found to my match. "'Bad Seed' is the first full collaboration between Pony and myself. It truly shows our commitment to explore and document the world of male fucking."

The title features 11 scenes including double penetrations and gang bangs.

"Bad Seed" stars T.I.M. exclusives Drew Sebastian, Brad McGuire, Ethan Wolfe and DJ as well as Blake Daniels, Anton Dickson, Jackson Taylor, Danny Blue, Logan Stevens, Jerry Stearns and Luca Bondi.

The video is available exclusively at and will be released to New Barbary Coast Distribution in late August.