Homegrown Video Grows SFW YouTube Page

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video has launched a SFW YouTube site where fans and curious, would-be amateur performers can watch “fun and informative” clips from the XBIZ-awarded amateur porn site.   

The clips encompass a wide range of content, including performer interviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, humorous tips and (often tongue-in-cheek) advice from Homegrown Video owner Farrell Timlake.

“We’ve been creating hardcore videos by the people, for the people since 1982,” Timlake said. “By presenting a look behind what goes into creating a Homegrown Video, we’re hoping to inspire our existing content creators to keep making bigger and better scenes, as well as making new, sexy couples feel comfortable enough to submit their own videos.” 

Clips currently on the site include Timlake’s reaction to the viral “Real Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn” video as a self-professed “lesbian in a man’s body,” a public service announcement about what to add to a sexual "bucket list,” an interview with an amateur MILF performer, a “blowjob confessional” and a voyeuristic behind-the-scenes look at how two performers get ready before a scene.

Timlake most recently uploaded a faux-serious PSA to inform the YouTube public about the realities of ball shaving.   

“Not everyone has to shave his balls, but if you work in the exciting and gratifying field of pornography, then ball-shaving is a grim reality that every man has to face,” he says, hovering over two very unlucky looking coconuts, razor in hand.

Homegrown Video encourages amateurs from around the world to submit SFW clips, video suggestions and humourous at-home interviews for potential posting on the nascent YouTube page.

The company also welcomes erotic entries, including homemade sex tapes, which can be submitted here.

Pulse serves as the exclusive distibutor for Homegrown Video DVDs.