PornTeam Distribution Signs BaitBuddies

LOS ANGELES PornTeam announced an exclusive distribution deal with, a bait and switch gay-for-pay website.

Christopher Kren, president and CEO of PornTeam, said the line will hold its own.

“Gay-for-pay is a wonderful niche that any gay man (and even some women) will line up to see," he said. "Luring in hot, ready-to-go guys with the promise of pussy and then coaxing them into solving their growing problem with another man is brilliant. BaitBuddies is in the top tier of their genre and never stop amazing their audiences.

"If I were a straight man, I'd fuck their men in a heartbeat too.”

Gio Caruso, president of Media Gio, Inc., producing partner of BaitBuddies, is also excited about the new deal.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PornTeam to bring our exclusive line of DVDs to the marketplace. From the moment we met, we knew it was the right fit for our product line,” he said. “BaitBuddies has been a pioneer in the gay-for-pay amateur porn genre since we launched eight years ago and we look forward to many more years of getting straight guys to do gay things.”

The first BaitBuddies release, entitled "Sandbox Buddies," follows the sexual progression of two real, straight, lifelong buddies who decide to experiment with gay sex in exchange for cash.

The DVD features porn newcomers Michael Keys and Evan Mercy, who moved from Kentucky where decent jobs are scarce, to South Florida in the hopes of finding better opportunities.

“They are truly best friends since childhood  in their words 'best friends since the sandbox,'" Caruso said.

“These two are characters for sure and their banter with each other is at times very funny. They are both straight, but both very willing to explore with each other as long as they make a lot of money in a short time.”

"Sandbox Buddies" is scheduled for an Aug. 13 release.