Indian Court Rules Against Adult Content

Matt O'Conner
MUMBAI, India — The state’s high court has ruled that TV broadcasters must get approval for all programming to guard against the broadcast of violence, profanity and nudity, according to the Associated Press.

The decision amounts to a nationwide ban on adult films and applies to all broadcast, cable and satellite channels.

Under the court order, India’s two largest broadcasters, STAR and Sony networks, must submit their programs to the Indian Board of Film Certification. Only films that obtain a U (unrestricted) or U/A (unrestricted accompanied by an adult) can be shown; those who broadcast unapproved programs will face prosecution.

The order calls for police to monitor Indian TV to ensure compliance with the ruling.

A similar court order issued last December warned cable operators to immediately stop showing movies not appropriate for a general audience.

With the court’s latest decision, movie channels have been blacked out since Aug. 21, and police have conducted raids on cable companies that allegedly continued airing adult programs since December.