ThatsPersonal Brings ID Lubricants to India

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.  India’s online adult store,, is now bringing ID Lubricants to India.

ID Lubricants has produced lubricants since 1993. This year, to celebrate its 20-year anniversary, ID Lubricants has added two lubricants to its selection and introduced  contemporary new packaging for much of the line. is owned and operated by Digital E-Life.

Speaking about the development, Samir Saraiya, CEO of Digital E-Life said, "ID Lubricants has been producing premium, high quality, and ultra-long lasting lubricants for 20 years. We are delighted to partner with them in bringing these products to India. Since the Indian market is opening up to adult products, we believe that we are in a good position to capitalize on the potential of ID Lubricants.”

“We're excited to partner with Digital E-Live to bring ID Lubricants to India," said Leila Padilla, ID's international sales manager. "We could not ask for better partner in this emerging market. Saraiya's team offers an exceptional level of service. Our cutting edge products are an excellent fit for the Indian market and we look forward to working closely with Samir and his team. "

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