Falcon, Raging Stallion Studios Launch HUNTezine.com

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon & Raging Stallion’s gay news source HUNT eZine has launched its website, HUNTeZine.com.

The bi-monthly email eZine delivers gay porn fans free content and news and information from and about Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion Studios, and the industry at large.

HUNTeZine.com now serves as the online home of each issue of HUNT, and it will host full-length free scenes and video features.The studio said the addition of an online presence is intended to increase subscribers and readership that will now reach nearly 200,000 gay porn fans.The increased reach is a result of partnerships with existing gay porn audiences who will now receive HUNT.

HUNT has also expanded its content offerings by adding special video and image features and columns that will further engage fans. The first of these special features is an interview and solo jerk off video featuring Raging Stallion & Falcon Exclusive, Shawn Wolfe, which appears in the Aug. 6 issue.Future planned special features include porn star workout videos, behind the scenes staff profiles, interview/solo videos and exclusive photo galleries.

The new content adds to the current free scene download, model spotlight gallery, and complimentary action gallery in every issue, as well as new DVD release schedules, membership site update schedules, gay porn news, and exclusive offers and promotions.

“For me, the expansion of HUNT and the addition of HUNTeZine.com was the next step in providing gay porn fans everywhere with the highest quality content available,” Toby J. Morris, marketing director and the creator of HUNT eZine said.  “The response to HUNT has been amazing, and I’m excited that more fans will have access to HUNT with the creation of HUNTeZine.com and with industry partnerships we have nurtured.”

The creators noted that with the expanded reach, the eZine and its online presence, HUNTeZine.com, will include additional advertising opportunities for businesses looking to reach the gay market.Banner advertising is available on HUNTeZine.com and the Falcon & Raging Stallion blog, which hosts most of HUNT’s content.

"HUNT is revolutionizing the gay porn fan media experience,” Chris Ward President of Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios said. “Now we’re jamming HUNT with more content, adding a new way to access the eZine, getting it to more people and giving companies who want to reach this audience a new marketing vehicle.Hunt is the first major new fan-focused publication since the demise of all of the gay porn magazines several years ago.What makes HUNT so innovative is that it’s much more an eZine than a blog — and it gets delivered right into subscribers’ in boxes every two weeks.”

For more information about advertising opportunities in HUNT, email Morris at toby@falconstudios.com or call (415) 321-6628.