Feelmore510 Hosts National Night Out Tonight

OAKLAND, Calif.   Feelmore510 is hosting a national night out tonight from 7-9 p.m.

Feelmore510 is teaming up with the National Association of Town Watch to host the free event in order to enhance community relations.

Nenna Joiner was insistent and determined to open Feelmore510 in Oakland, not knowing that her adult gallery would also serve as a community resource center.

“Feelmore510 is a place where I want people to feel comfortable coming in, but to get them to our front door, I have had to focus on the betterment of the community in parallel to the business," Joiner said. "From calling in broken parking meters, low foliage on trees to street lamp outages. There is no escaping it. Owning a business in Oakland is political. My goal is to create a vibrant community not just on Aug. 6, but on a daily basis."

Feelmore510 will be putting its own unique twist on the traditional celebration by providing a pillow fight. 

Joiner said she wants to recognize and celebrate Oakland’s social diversity and wants to create a safe space for an evening of fun and self expression.

For more information, contact Joiner at pr@feelmore510.com.