Chinese ISPs Consider Blocking Photos of Erotic Figurines

Lila Gray

TAIPEI, China — The government-funded online moderator Watch Internet Network reported that complaints over pictures of erotic figurines have risen dramatically, and that they now consider the pictures another form of Internet porn.

Porn was the primary sources of consumer grumbling, accounting for 46 percent of the complaints WIN received last year, the agency said.

WIN believes that anger over online porn has increased with the growing popularity of erotic figurines. The agency said it received 172 complaints regarding pictures of the figurines during the survey period.

“These figurines are based on images of animation or comic book characters who are scantily clad and presented in provocative poses,” WIN Executive Director Huang Wei-wei said. “Parents were concerned that children might be affected by these pictures. We then asked the ISPs to label these pictures as restricted content.”

Top complaints that WIN received last year after porn were Internet fraud (14.9 percent), computer viruses and telecom services (9.4 percent), inappropriate content (9 percent) and junk mail (7.8 percent).