XBIZ Launches Online Pleasure Products Buyers Guide

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the launch of Pleasure Products Index, a comprehensive user-friendly guide to the latest releases from pleasure product manufacturers.

Showcasing new product rollouts throughout each month, XBIZ PPI encompasses the full spectrum of pleasure product categories — from apparel, accessories and books to vibrators, dildos and BDSM gear — from manufacturers ranging from major, mass producers to independent, boutique brands.

“Custom developed from the ground up, Pleasure Products Index harnesses the power of the web to establish the quintessential guide to the pleasure products market,” XBIZ President Alec Helmy said. “Inclusive of all manufacturers and product categories, XBIZ breaks new ground in facilitating new business within the pleasure products and retail sectors with a timely, easy-to-use tool for stocking product.”

XBIZ’s newest online resource for wholesalers and retailers aims to serve as an invaluable tool for buying and merchandising by showcasing the newest products while archiving established bestsellers.

PPI’s intuitive interface allows for searches by manufacturer and product name, while tracking trends for “Most Viewed” products and product types. While all PPI product listings include basic product information including an image, XBIZ PPI Premiere Brand product listings provide detailed descriptions, sales contact information and more. Manufacturers and wholesalers of all sizes can feature their products in XBIZ’s PPI. To submit product listings and for information on Premiere Brand listings, contact sales@xbiz.com.

“XBIZ is pleased to introduce a cutting-edge online version of XBIZ Premiere magazines’s Buyer’s Guide featuring all of the latest products to hit the market,” XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez said. “The launch of this essential online tool for retailers and distributors maximizes manufacturers’ reach with an additional channel for marketing new product releases.”

Delivering an all-inclusive index for pleasure products, XBIZ PPI is the ultimate one-stop portal for showcasing new releases.

“XBIZ PPI is set to become the industry’s go-to online destination for pleasure product listings,” XBIZ associate managing editor Ariana Rodriguez said. “Providing an unabridged view of the landscape of the pleasure products market, buyers get an objective perspective to base purchasing decisions off of. On the flipside, it provides greater marketability for manufacturers as an alternative catalog to promote their products.”

To access Pleasure Products Index, click here.