Pacific Media Announces 6th Edition of 'The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions'

LOS ANGELES — Pacific Media, the producer of sex instructional books and DVDs, announced the sixth edition of its book, “The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions.” 

The company said, “New sexual techniques and lovemaking positions can help keep a couple’s relationship steamy, fun and playful.” 

The text is accompanied by diagrams and photographs and according to the company, has been a bestseller in the sexuality/relationship category. 

“’The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions’ provides a safe and comfortable method for a man or a woman to bring up new lovemaking ideas with their partner,” Pacific Media publisher Scott Brastow said. “The book includes fun and accessible information about sexuality that is valuable whether you’ve just met, are newlywed or have successfully been together for years and want to keep your relationship romantically and sexually vibrant. All you need to do is point and play.” 

The 6th edition of “The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions” has been completely revised and includes updated text, new lovemaking positions and a series of new sexual health guidelines. This publication also features a photographed collection of full-color erotic images and sex positions.