5 Hour Orgasm Now Available for International Preorder

SANTA MONICA, Calif. 5 Hour Orgasm today announced the launch of 5 Hour Orgasm for international pre-order.

The company said the move puts 5 Hour Orgasm in a position to market the product internationally to women and men who are looking for an alternative libido and mood enhancing supplement.

The company said this will be marked by a global initiative to increase education on orgasm.

“The launch of 5 Hour Orgasm 2 ounce sexual energy shot is a great milestone for 5 Hour Orgasm," said Mr. Malone, president of 5 Hour Orgasm. “We are very pleased that our customers have recognized the value of 5 Hour Orgasm. This product launch is the result of our commitment to uplifting global libido and will motivate us to continue our quest to empower people through sexual enhancement products. 5 Hour Orgasm is in a great position to pre-sale product and gain awareness globally for international launch. We are definitely on our way to achieve our goal of empowering people to make more love."

According to the company,  5 Hour Orgasm, 2 ounce Sexual Energy Shot is formulated to inspire the discovery of sexual power and natural energy using the company’s secret formula that contains 11 different natural herbs and aphrodisiacs.

The company said benefits include increased stimulation of libido for men and women as well as rejuvenating properties that reduce mental stress, anxiety and fatigue. 

For more information about 5 Hour Orgasm and to view the debut commercial, click here or contact Steele Malone at orgasm@5HourOrgasm.com.