Jewell Marceau at Sanctuary LAX This Wednesday

LOS ANGELES  Jewell Marceau will be a guest mistress at Sanctuary LAX.

This will be her last available day for sessions in Los Angeles until September.

"I would very much enjoy some kinky, devious, fun before I get on my long flight to London," Marceau said. "Using and abusing my willing and loyal slaves will be just the thing to release my tension and relax my mind before I get on the plane. I would particularly enjoy tying up a helpless slave in tight ropes, keeping him restrained as I torment and tease him with whatever pleases me."

Sessions at Sanctuary LAX do not include sex, but they can include bondage, spanking and more.

"Giving a really good caning or flogging would certainly make this Mistress smile with delight," Marceau said. "Electrifying my slave until he whimpers and squeals through his gag would be most invigorating." Marceau is a fetish supermodel and known for her intense bondage and femdom videos.

She has her own line of DVDs and also runs 

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