French Sex Toy Makers Form Plaisir de France

Rhett Pardon

PARIS — A dozen French sex toy makers have formed Plaisir de France (Pleasure of France), a new co-operative effort touting erotic toys made in France.

“The goal of Plaisir de France is to raise awareness of the talents of French sex toy producers,” co-founder  Sébastien Lecca told local media. "We all know about Chinese, American, German sex toy makers."

Co-founders Stéphane Turc and Lecca created the association to pool resources and experience.

“Banks won’t finance projects like these because they consider them pornographic. Even when you come to them with a viable business plan, they tell us that there’s an ethical problem," Lecca said.

“The French are way behind other European countries, especially the British,” Lecca said. “The problem is primarily educational. We want to open up the French people to the joys of lingerie, sex toys, massage oils, fantasy and games."

Turc, who founded the Eymalis sex toy company, said there are some barriers for French sex toy makers. “Making a sex toy mould costs twice as much in France as it does in China,” he said.

Lecca's sex toy, La Tour Est Folle, is a replica of the Eiffel Tower that offers a "monumental sensation." It is made entirely in France and, Lecca said, once successfully gave French adult film star Julie Valmont an orgasm.

 “I’m working on an XL version of the Eiffel Tower, as well as one with an LED light at the top, and one with a motorized vibrator in it,” he said. “I chose the Eiffel Tower to begin with, because it’s so famous, and also well known for having a phallic shape.”