Alexis Texas, Teagan Presley Head to Pacers in San Diego

SAN DIEGO The duo of T&A, Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley, gear up for a one-night appearance at Pacers in San Diego during Comic-Con.

“Comic-Con is now one of the biggest events on the planet,” Texas said. “This Friday, all of Team Texass attending Comic-Con better turn out at Pacers to see me and Teagan shaking our big booties live for you. Come rock out with your cocks out while we jam out with our clams out. Comic-Con fans are about to feel a disruption in the force, or their pants, this Friday.”

Pacers Showgirls International is located at 3334 Midway Drive in San Diego, Calif.

For more information, call (619) 222-2000 or visit