Caballero Video Ships 'Porsche Lynn Collectors' 10-Pack

LOS ANGELES — Caballero Video is now shipping the “Porsche Lynn Collectors” 10-pack. 

"We have been rolling out these collector sets all year and they have become a staple in our company. There is really nothing else like these available on the market today. The Collector's Edition 10-packs are a must have for any distributor, store, or classic porn fan," Caballero sales rep Dick Lane said.  

"The beauty of these packs is a store can sell them as a collector’s set to the right customer or break them up and sell them individually. The value is there for everyone down the distribution chain." 

To date, Caballero has released nine different collectors' sets including one for Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, Vanessa Del Rio, Seka, John Holmes, Peter North, Tori Welles and Amber Lynn. 

The company said the 10-packs come pre-packaged in a custom counter top display that stores can monetize to increase their sales. 

“The Porsche Lynn” 10-pack contains a number of titles including “Porsche Lynn The Legend,” “Mimi,” “The Call Girl” and others.  

For order inquiries, contact Dick Lane at (818) 765-6400 ext. 167 or email at