Webmaster Central: Screen Size Does Matter

Rhett Pardon

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central says the leased adult video content provider has made substantial investments so it can offer the biggest screen size to clients.

“We’re definitely swinging some serious pipe where screen size is concerned,” says Andy Alvarez, CEO of Webmaster Central. “At 1920x1280, our leased video content sees little if any deprecation, even on large screens. It’s important to us that our service is unbeatable, and screen size is just one more example of how we keep Webmaster Central and our clients far ahead of the competition.”

Screen size and content quality have proven to be important factors for website operators who find themselves competing with free adult video sites, Alvarez says.

 “We always look ahead, and we’re already looking at what’s coming up next with video quality, screen sizes, and new technologies” adds Alvarez. “Our clients can stay focused on their marketing and traffic efforts and rest easy knowing they’ll have the best quality video well before their competitors — and optimized for viewing on every major device and platform too. That’s a big deal.”

Webmaster Central has served content to the biggest names in adult entertainment since the 1990s. Its leased content libraries are updated every day.